"In The Pocket"



G.W. Pope III


G.W. Pope III, is a college degreed musician originally from Atlanta GA., He relocated to Boston, MA where he received a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music and studied under some of the world’s greatest performers and instructors, such as; Casey Schurell, John Wilkes, and Kenwood Dennard just to name a few. During this time G.W. was exposed to many styles of music and cultures. Performing and touring the Eastern Coast of the U.S. with pop groups such as Eden Row, Moo Tycoon, Blues artist Vikki Vox, and many more. Upon graduation from Berklee, G.W. relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he landed a job at a local recording studio. He spent countless hours doing session work for various artists. While working as a session player he joined a Hip Hop group “Noteroock” and began touring Southern California. In addition to touring G.W. also played for many projects with HB Barnhum, singer song writers Erin Hawkins, Leah Finklestein. In 2009 G.W. played in the band “Damage” from Orange County, CA. Which embarked on a national tour as a support act for the rock band Tesla. 

Currently G.W. continues to play sessions and gigs all through out Southern California with multiple projects. Keeping himself busy with “Planet Earth” (Duran Duran tribute), “Turn Me Loose” (Loverboy tribute), DP& the Party Crashers, 80’s Invasion, and The Dive Bar Rockstars. 

Photographer: Chris Williams

Musician: GWP3 w/ The Red Ball Jets

Festival: Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino 2015